Disc Golf Basket Installation

Before installing your Veteran baskets in the ground, you will need to install a ground sleeve for each pin placement. It is important to install each sleeve straight and at the proper depth. Refer to the following instructions for proper installation.

  1. Using an auger, post hole digger, or sharp shooter, dig a hole approximately 8″ wide and 20″ deep.
  2. Place the ground sleeve in the ground to check for proper depth. We like the tab on the sleeve to be 1-2″ above ground level to allow for easy installation/removal of the lock.
    1. Remove the ground sleeve.
  3. Fill hole with 30-80 lbs. of concrete mix. Remember to leave enough space under the locking tab to allow for easy installation/removal of the lock.
  4. Insert ground sleeve into wet concrete, ensuring that it gets to the bottom of the hole.
  5. Using a level, check that the ground sleeve is level in the concrete. If there is not enough sleeve above ground to place the level, insert the basket pole. Once level is measured on all sides, carefully remove the basket pole without moving the ground sleeve or getting wet concrete inside the ground sleeve.
  6. Let dry for the amount of time recommended on the concrete mix.
  7. After concrete is set, install basket, apply lock, and backfill dirt into the hole. 

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