Why Hire A Pro?

Importance of Good Design

There is a lot that goes into a good, quality design. It is very important that the design is well thought out and every potential mishap is considered. A good design will provide a challenging but fair layout with safety being the number one priority. A great design is more than just a collection of fun or picturesque holes, it should emphasize the character and flow of the land. The more imagination that goes into the overall course, the more successful it will be. Each course has unique geography and flora which a great design will utilize to enhance the aesthetic of your park while challenging players of all skill levels.

Why Hire A Professional?

One of the most important aspects of design is ensuring safety is top priority. Hiring a professional to design your course will not only warrant safety but assure the best use of your property. Course design is an art that not everyone has an eye for. It will make or break the popularity of the course. Experience, knowledge, and credibility are all reasons to hire a professional.

Eric McCabe Disc Golf Course Design

Eric McCabe

My name is Eric McCabe and I am not only a Professional Disc Golf World Champion, but I’m also a World Class Course Designer. I’ve designed multiple courses across the United States, some of which have been utilized in the 2013 PDGA Amateur World Championships and the 2016 PDGA Professional World Championships.

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