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Edwardsville City Park

When opportunity makes itself available, it’s best to take advantage of it to the fullest extent. This thinking is what lead Assistant City Manager of Edwardsville Zack Daniel to contact our team about designing a course in their local city park. Residents had inquired about a disc golf course from time to time, and with a large expanse of land available, it seemed a logical choice.

We recently talked with Zack about how the city’s experience was from start to finish and what you might expect should your town be interested in putting in a course of its own.

A Smart Use Of Space

Edwardsville isn’t a large town, and with around 4500 people, their city park wanted to make use of every square inch of space. Incorporating a popular walking trail and a futsal course, Daniel and his team imagined that a disc golf course would fit right in. Parks & Recreation Supervisor Mike Martin is an avid disc golf player, and after discussing the idea with others, Zack reached out to Dynamic Discs.

Course designer Eric McCabe came out to work with Zack and walk the land, an integral experience for anyone looking to install a course. “He offered valuable input as to the viability of a course in the area, as well as strategic elements to consider when placing baskets,” said Daniel.

After creating a layout that was exciting and challenging, the course equipment was delivered and installation of baskets and tees ensued. The city has high hopes for disc golfers in the area, as Zack described: “Many members of the community have already enjoyed the course and there are plans to organize a community event around the course as part of the City’s annual AutumnFest event in late September.”

Changing A Town For The Better

 Edwardsville has a fair amount of residents who are enthralled with disc golf and used to drive hours away to play a casual round. Now with the installation of the course in the city park, players can help to grow the disc golf community right in their own backyard.

As a beginner level course, it encourages brand new players and families to come out to enjoy a new experience. How has the town changed as a result of the course design from DD? Daniel explains:

“With the addition of disc golf/footgolf as well as the inclusion of a new futsal court, the Edwardsville City Park offers a unique experience outside of the normal small-town park amenities. City staff is confident that the active disc golf community in the region as well as families looking to get into the game will continue to spur activity at the park. An active community is a healthy community and one that has a vested interest in the future of Parks and Recreation.”

Installing a disc golf course in your local area can help to improve the activity level of those in your community, help to keep spending money in local businesses, and can even help generate extra funds from outside visitors. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help, contact us today!

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  1. As a big fan of this sport, I strongly support this project. Edwardsville is going to be a great place for the disc golfing community. Can’t wait the day I can throw a disc golf disc into the basket on this park

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